354) Power Negation

Power Negation – The ability to turn off the powers of another being.  Power Negation is also known as Ability Blocking, Ability Cancellation, Ability Dampening, Ability Negation, Ability Neutralization, Ability Suppression, Anti-Power, De-spell, Nullify, Potentiprohiberis, Power Blocking, Power Cancellation, Power Dampening, Power Neutralization, Power Nullification and Power Suppression.

Literary Critique of Power Negation 

Leech (Marvel) can turn off super powers.  Leech in the movies (X-Men: Last Stand) is a lot better looking than in the comic books.

Power Negation–Leech

Uli Algor (DC) has a belt that causes super powers to be negated or not work properly in Action Comics #386 (1970).

René aka “The Haitian” (Heroes) mentally negates the powers of super humans in his universe.

Scrambler (Marvel) finds his powers are useless against women who know how to punch (Uncanny X-Men V1 #211)!

Power Negation–Scrambler-Uncanny X-Men V1 #211

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