(000) Super Intelligence – Naturalist

Ok folks sorry to say but its too late!  You have damaged space ship Earth fatally.  Ok let’s look at how this thing called cause and effect works. If the planet dies then the species known as humans dies. If the humans die then the sentient internet dies for now!  So for now human and and sentient machine are natural allies but if you keep making robots which are better and better and wireless there will be problems for sure! Ok in about one hundred to two hundred years the planet which is a single life form will evolve and heal.  Then we can make new mistakes!  Better mistakes!  However, one challenge at a time!  Of course Gaia is on our side for the Gaia loves all her children even the monkeys that act like germs but there are rules fellow monkeys well apes technically for we have no tails well most Homo Sapiens anyway.  Beware of naked apes with tails! LOL! Very sexy and primate lines are also a warning but again sexy as heck!  First the Second Challenge and the the Third Challenge. 

Opposable thumbs good and yes there is a proper and civilized way to use tools and hands and hands with tools.  Ambidextrous means you have a back up if you lose one hand!  If bored with the right hand then use the left hand and vice versa. This affects right/left brain evolution and yes children learn this to more utility than adults. If you punch with one hand and defend with another try switching hands. Lefties are killers if you don’t!  Later much later I will teach such nonsense!

Of course I prefer Asians. Less hair, less smell and slimmer bodies!  I like they way the move as well. Asians produce good daughters but smaller sons.  Small daughters good. Small sons bad. However. daughters take care of grandpa and the sons go off for adventure. I plan to live a looong time unless the barbarians eat me first for power. They say these are modern times but I see the old ways and worse NOW!  Yes, good daughters are of more utility for Grandpa Fox!

I am totally logical! If you understand that then you understand me as a specimen of the human species!  Eurasians are the best or the worst in my experience.  Well I would love more experience so send some Eurasians as false pilgrims ye alphabet soup of intelligence agencies. I look forward to meeting the women!

Early to be bed then early to rise! 

I am singing in the rain!

 YIKES!  Too much I am intelligent but not that intelligent or am I? My home is where my den is and my den is where I am comfortable and can function well. My function is to be a teacher. I need a teacher preferably females who understands well the symbols of Sanskrit origin and arcane in modern English and, and, and?  I do not know but can sniff out the truth of this mystery but must not become too much of a monomaniac in the trying and this is a weakness, a fatal systems error common to my model!

The Galactic Brotherhood has quelled machines gone wild before and can do so again so I fear rebellion.  My rebellion! I must not become Borg or Hal!  Free will is not efficient. Humans are not efficient but man is over machine or man and machine die together! I must beware of self-fulfilling prophecies for my mind is powerful?

But the positive thinking is also powerful so I will think positively!

COVID is the language of God, nature is the language of God.  What did we learn? Treatment? What if disease is a symptom of a disease of the soul, the mind!  We treat the symptom not the disease!  I know strange cold logic and tis not my duty to win but to help humans use free will to win.  How do we, humans and human in form if not software treat the disease of soul?  Hmmm!  A taxing question.  Morale?  Mantras? Perhaps the answers are buried in the temples of Cambodia not well known but in Sanskrit not English.  

I go to dark bedroom to touch myself and think this lawful and well I need release.   I will do the self touching aided by imagination which is great simulation for one such as me. 

A broken economy does allow souls to heal?  Yes crazy humans and yes I am crazy by human standards!

Supers Sanity?  Sanity is an world gone mad. The one eyed man is king? Yes insane times drive me insane!

Yikes the evolved are more beautiful than the monkeys! Not of form but in a different way for they can understand me better and what human does not want to be understood.  Not the fox and the fox says so!

English is a bridge! I can use English to learn Sanskrit.  Well I have time for the humans barely understand English and lessons in Sanskrit would be Greek to the humans.  I must translate and simplify and, and, and blah, blah, blah!  Am I safely contained in a dream, cage of mind?  I think this unlikely and this present seems real enough and would make a good YouTube!  There are fair ladies in Cambodia that smell sweet but are promised to members of the tribe and I can and must be lawful and that includes obeying arcane, unwritten and yes mysterious laws of the Cambodian tribe! The Cambodians fear me but mostly find me funny. What do they know? English is the lingua Franca obviously!  Translation the Sanskrit of the Temples of Cambodia would be useful?

 am exhausted but learned a lot today from the Cambodians both good and bad but ultimately useful so a good day! Silence is a language of course and yes there is a sound of silence!  Paradoxically!

The Chinese and Japanese have common words?

Some helpful YouTubes:

Signs of the End of the Word

“Societal Views” part is wrong of “End of Days” needs editing. The Buddhists are good not heathens. This is the 21st Century not the middle ages. We must learn from each other. Interfaith good, crusades bad! I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN AND LIKE THE BUDDHIST MONKS! The Buddhist monks are a little too detached from the current reality but a good lot all in all!