032) Appendages (detachable)

Appendages (detachable) – The ability to detach appendages and/or parts of your body. Arm-Fall-Off-Boy (DC) has this power.

Appendages (detachable)–Arm-Fall-Off-Boy (DC)

Captain Marvel (M. F. Enterprises) also has this power.

Appendages (detachable)–Captain Marvel (M. F. Enterprises)

The power is clearly a useless one in the case of Arm-Fall-Off-Boy and therefore not really a power but Captain Marvel’s appendages are self-propelled and this version is clearly a power.

In Adventure Comics V1 #350, Colossal Boy (DC) uses psychology to defeat the formidable the Jigsaw Creature.

Appendages (detachable)-Jigsaw Creature-Adventure Comics V1 #350

Jigsaw (Dakotaverse) was blown up but the pieces of his body can still operate independently (Milestone Media Universe Card Set).

Appendages (detachable)-Jigsaw-Milestone Media Universe Card Set

Rockslide (Marvel) can detaches his stone arms in New X-Men: Hellions #1.


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