190) Fungal Anatomy

Fungi Mimicry – The being is some type of fungus.  Mushrooms are a type of fungus.

The Cthulhu Mythos includes the Fungi from Yuggoth. In Alan Moore’s Yuggoth Cultures and Other Growths #1 we see his vision of fungi on a planet that is probably Yuggoth.

Fungi Mimicry–Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures and Other Growths #1

The myconids in Dungeons & Dragons are a race of mushroom people.

Fungi Mimicry–Myconid-Dungeons and Dragons

In Supergod #1 (Avatar) a three-faced giant formed from the bodies of three astronauts and a mass of alien mushrooms act as a fungal supercomputer.

Fungi Mimicry–Warren Ellis' Supergod #1

Campestri – TSR 2145 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 1


Chromatic Mold – TSR 2173 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 4


Fungi from Yuggoth – Field Guide to Cthulhu Monsters

fungi-mimicry-fungi-from-yuggoth-field-guide-to-cthulhu-monsters-1 fungi-mimicry-fungi-from-yuggoth-field-guide-to-cthulhu-monsters-2

Fungus – Helmet of Fate – Zauriel #1


Fungus – TSR 2140A Monstrous Manual


Golgotha (Marvel) – OHOTMU A – Z Update #4


Mold – Star Trek DS9 #2 (Malibu)


Mold Man – TSR 2140A Monstrous Manual


Mold – TSR 2140A Monstrous Manual


Myconid – D&D 4th Edition – Monster Manual 2


Phantom Fungus – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual I


Violet Fungus – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual I


Spider Woman (Marvel) humorously deals with a mushroom monster on the Moon in Spider-Woman V5 #10.

TCG Zombie Mushrooms are extremely cute!

Basidirond – TSR 2016 Monster Manual II

Bloodmorel (DC) – DC Comics Presents -Superman Swamp Thing #85

Carapace – TSR 2173 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 4

FungoidsFirst Doctor Sourcebook

Myconid – TSR 2016 Monster Manual II

Myconid – TSR 2140A Monstrous Manual

UsuriansFourth Doctor Sourcebook

Zygom – TSR 2016 Monster Manual II

Astro City #47 (2017)

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