253) Light Manipulation

Light Manipulation – The ability to control, generate or absorb photons.  Light Manipulation is also known as Light Element Control, Photokinesis, Photon Manipulation, Visible Light Manipulation and Visible Radiation Manipulation.

Literary Critique of Light Manipulation 

Doctor Light (DC) can control photons for many different effects.

Light manipulation-Doctor Light (DC)

Monica Rambeau (Marvel) can turn into any energy in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Light Manipulation-Monica Rambeau-Captain Marvel

The Comet (Impact) can shoot laser beams (Who’s Who in the Impact Universe #2).

Light Manipulation-The Comet-Who's Who in the Impact Universe #2

Glow Bug – Savage Dragon


Light Bending Technology – The Death of Dracula #2


Flare (DC) – Who’s Who Update ’87 #2

1963: Horus Lord of Light (Image)

Bling (Image) – Hero Camp #2


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