439) Tattoo Manipulation

Tattoo Manipulation – The ability to manipulate tattoos for various purposes.  Tattoo Manipulation is also known as Body Art Control, Body Art Manipulation, Tatouázkinesis and Tattoo Control.

Literary Critique of Tattoo Manipulation 

In Everafter #3 (Vertigo), a minor character gets a tattoo he can animate on this body.


The Tattooed Man (DC) man basically has the same power uses magic ink to create constructs (Who’s Who #23).


The Gen 13 member Gwendolyne Matsura could animate her tattoo in a manner similar to the Tattooed Man (DC).


Dante (Image) has powers that are the same as the Tattooed Man’s but less control over the constructs generated in Dante #1.

Isadora Mavrites (Dark Horse) has tattoos that portend the future in Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities.

Trading Card Games have cards involving tattoos.

Dragon Fly Tattoo

Dragon Tattoo

Firefly Tattoo

Shadow Lords Tattoo

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