385) Sand Mimicry

Sand Mimicry – The ability to take on the form and/or characteristics of sand.  Sand Mimicry is also known as Psammokinetic Mimicry, Psammokinetic Physiology and Sand Physiology.  Similar to (154) Earth Mimicry and (413) Stone Mimicry.

Literary Critique of Sand Mimicry 

Elemental Sandman – TSR 2145 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 1


Quicksand (Marvel) is similar to Sandman in OHOTMU A – Z Update #5.


Sandman (Marvel) was the first major comic book character to have this ability and first appeared in Spider-Man V1 #4.

sand-mimicry-sandman-amazing-spider-man-v1-4-7 sand-mimicry-sandman-amazing-spider-man-v1-4-8

Sandman is apparently taken down with some fancy chemistry in Identity Disc #1.

Some fancy chemistry is used yet again to take down the Sandman in Doctor Doom and The Masters of Evil #1,

However, before Sandman the human, there was Sandman the monster in Journey into Mystery V1 #70.

sand-mimicry-journey-into-mystery-v1-70-10 sand-mimicry-journey-into-mystery-v1-70-11 sand-mimicry-journey-into-mystery-v1-70-18

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