031) Appendages (blades)

Appendages (blades) – The character has blades attached to their arms and/or legs.  Appendages (blades) is also known as Blade Arm, Bladed Arm and Sword Arm.

Literary Critique of Appendages (blades)

A horrific superpower!  This is a superpower for bad guys~

Baraka has blades sprouting out of his arms (Mortal Kombat 9, 2011,Prima Guide).

Appendages (blades)-Baraka-Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) Prima Guide

Razor Fist (Marvel) has replaced part of his arms with blades (Master of Kung Fu V1 #29).

Appendages (blades)-Razor Fist-Master of Kung Fu V1 #29


Warblade can morph his hands into blades (WildCATs Adventures Sourcebook).

Appendages (blades)-Warblade-WildCATs Adventures Sourcebook

Judge Dredd – Raider – 2000 AD #814

The Subliminals – Tharg’s Future Shocks – 2000 AD #927


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