292) Mind Control (animal)

Mind Control (animal) – The ability to control animals.  Interspecies mind control.  Mind Control (animal) is also known as Animal Control, Animal Domination, Animal Friendship, Animal Manipulation, Beast Control, Beast Domination, Beast Friendship, Beast Manipulation, Corocottakinesis, Creature Control, Creature Domination, Creature Friendship/ Creature Manipulation, Faunal Control, Faunal Domination, Faunal Friendship, Faunal Manipulation, Thiriokinesis, Wildlife Control, Wildlife Domination, Wildlife Friendship, Wildlife Manipulation, Zookinesis and Zoopathy.  Similar to (019) Animal Communication .  Similar to (021) Animal Possession.

Literary Critique of Mind Control (animal) 

Aquaman (DC) can both communicate and only control aquatic creatures in theory.  This power is a type of mind control and the standard explanation is that animals have different/weaker minds so a character that could not exercise mind control over a human could control some types of animals.

Animal Control-Aquaman (DC)

However, Aquaman demonstrates the ability to control humans much to the chagrin of the telepathic Martian Manhunter (DC) in Justice League of America V1 #235.

In Adventure Comics V1 #309, The Monster Master (DC) leads a legion of animal monsters!

Animal Control-Monster Master-Legion of Super-Heroes-Adventure Comics V1 #309

Red Wolf (Marvel) can control wolves for the first time in Red Wolf V2 #6.

Animal Control-Red Wolf V2 #6-15 Animal Control-Red Wolf V2 #6-16

In Tales of the Unexpected V1 #45-1, Space Ranger (DC) had to fight a similar group of interplanetary animals.

Animal Control-Space Ranger-Tales of the Unexpected V1 #45

In Action Comics V1 #326, Superman battles a legion of super creatures!

Animal Control-Superman-Legion of Super Creatures-Action Comics V1 #326

Aloysius Animo – Ben 10


The King Crab is one species and controls a human woman so this qualifies as interspecies mind control in Shaolin Cowboy: Who’ll Stop the Reign #4 (Dark Horse).

Jimmy Olsen(DC) – “The Animal Master of Metropolis” – Superman’s Pal #45

Lena Thorul (DC) – “Lena Thorul, Jungle Princess” – Action Comics #313

Marine Marauder (DC) – Who’s Who Update ’87 #4

Rat King (Marvel) – Generation X #5

Ratcatcher (DC) can can control rather than communicate with rats and appears in DC Who’s Who Update ’88 #3.


In Think Tank – Animal #1 (Marvel), the idea of weaponized animals is explored both in fiction and via a researched narrative.

A Robo Ape Helmet is used to control apes in ABC A-Z-Greyshirt and Cobweb (2005).

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