292) Mind Control (animal)

Mind Control (animal) – The ability to control animals.  Interspecies mind control.

Aquaman (DC) can only control aquatic creatures in theory.  This power is a type of mind control and the standard explanation is that animals have different/weaker minds so a character that could not exercise mind control over a human could control some types of animals.

Animal Control-Aquaman (DC)

However, Aquaman demonstrates the ability to control humans much to the chagrin of the telepathic Martian Manhunter (DC) in Justice League of America V1 #235.

In Adventure Comics V1 #309, The Monster Master (DC) leads a legion of animal monsters!

Animal Control-Monster Master-Legion of Super-Heroes-Adventure Comics V1 #309

Red Wolf (Marvel) can control wolves for the first time in Red Wolf V2 #6.

Animal Control-Red Wolf V2 #6-15 Animal Control-Red Wolf V2 #6-16

In Tales of the Unexpected V1 #45-1, Space Ranger (DC) had to fight a similar group of interplanetary animals.

Animal Control-Space Ranger-Tales of the Unexpected V1 #45

In Action Comics V1 #326, Superman battles a legion of super creatures!

Animal Control-Superman-Legion of Super Creatures-Action Comics V1 #326

Aloysius Animo – Ben 10


The King Crab is one species and controls a human woman so this qualifies as interspecies mind control in Shaolin Cowboy: Who’ll Stop the Reign #4 (Dark Horse).

Jimmy Olsen(DC) – “The Animal Master of Metropolis” – Superman’s Pal #45

Lena Thorul (DC) – “Lena Thorul, Jungle Princess” – Action Comics #313

Marine Marauder (DC) – Who’s Who Update ’87 #4

Rat King (Marvel) – Generation X #5

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